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  1. Gzm

    Turkish Coffee and Cultural Diploma...

    by Gzm Turkey in Heritage
  2. Efe Sevin

    ODTU - My beloved alma mater

    by Efe Sevin Turkey in Architecture

    ODTU - My beloved alma mater

    Culture > Architecture
    My initial aim with this post was to give a basic idea about what ODTÜ is from a non-political stance. However, given the fact that my beloved alma mater has been under constant political attempt during the last couple of years, I realized ...
  3. Okutaan

    Learning to Listen to Opposing Voic...

    by Okutaan Turkey in Society

    Learning to Listen to Opposing Voices

    People > Society
    Its been two months since the massive demonstrations started against the plan to build a large shopping mall. (Plans have changed now its going to be a "reinterpretation" of a historic building. It might change again.) Turkey in past ten years has...
  4. TurksLearnEnglish.com

    Our top five English language books...

    by TurksLearnEnglish.com Turkey in Literature
  5. JoyAnna

    Getting Engaged in Turkish Culture

    by JoyAnna Turkey in Traditions
  6. TurksLearnEnglish.com

    "Why can’t Turks speak English...

    by TurksLearnEnglish.com Turkey in Technology
  7. melek

    Something Brown, Something Turkish

    by melek Turkey in Cuisine
  8. JoyAnna

    Bloggers Workshop in Ankara on May ...

    by JoyAnna Turkey in Social Clubs
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